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So he developed Zingle as a business text solution that allows customers to text a business and get a confirmation response, to help customers and businesses to communicate better and save time.

The platform now facilitates text communications for a variety of business types including hotels, food service, valet parking. In the creation of Spanx, Sara Blakely intentionally picked a name that was unique and memorable.

He could have easily trusted the idea and flown back to California to wait for the usage to gain momentum.

Sara Blakely, the youngest women to hit the Forbes self-made billionaire list in 2013, as the founder of shapewear company Spanx.  So what did Zingle learn (and what can all of us model) about effective public relations from Spanx? She “put a ton of smart thinking into selecting the name,” according to Ford.

Blakely points to three major lessons, as follows: 1) Be memorable, 2) Passion is more important than experience, and 3) Seize the opportunity when you get it. She had no money to advertise (Spanx was reportedly bootstrapped for just ,000) so she wanted a name that would be press worthy on its own.

"I meet single people all the time because I'm out performing each week and their seems to be a mutual frustration from both sides that there's no 'good men' or 'good women'."I think a lot of people are just staying home watching TV or sitting on social media so I look forward to seeing more people getting out and creating connections, even if that's just friendships.” Mr Bishoff knows what it takes to build an event from the ground up, with Peregian Originals beginning with him and a friend playing in front of a few kids at the park.

The respected musician also manages the events Sound Feast and Planet Bliss at The J at Noosa.

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