Zac efron and emma roberts dating

The song was tongue-and-cheek and honestly pretty catchy.

But despite not being a huge Swift fan, I do really feel for her when it seems she’s preyed upon by the media with accusations and speculations to who she’s dating next.

It seems that whenever Swift even looks at a guy that tabloids write up a story speculating if it’s Swift’s new love interest.

And it seems like that’s the role that Efron played in this story; so while I’d love to hear them both collab on a song, it doesn’t look like it’s happening any time soon.

# Emma Rose Roberts is popularly known as Emma Roberts.

# She was born on February 10, 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York, U. # She was born to Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. # She debut in a movie as Kristina Jung in the crime film Blow (2001).

Adding to that, Zendaya always maintained that the two are just friends and that she had a lot of fun on that press tour.

Holland, on the other hand, has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

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Now he had the attention of every woman on the planet, and dudes like me were fed up competing with Efron’s impossible looks.

Nowadays these two aren’t "breaking free," but really are breaking apart as they’ve been separated now for almost eight years.

But let’s try to remember the good times when they were the young Hollywood couple that everyone couldn’t get enough of.

Now there’s not much to say about these two that you probably don't already know but let’s take a trip down memory lane anyway.

The chemistry was so good between these two onscreen that it translated to their actual lives, because the two started dating shortly after the first movie.

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