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way way ahead of my CJH and got the recognition with those numerous acting awards.. I have seen all his drama series and all of them were good . I love ur korean drama like Lie To Me, incarnation of Money, Big Man and also ur movie My girlfriend is an agent with Kim Han Neul. The handsomest chaebol in the whole wide world.after and while watching ltm you got more and more attractive. Ok I guess you fit the profile of tall dark and handsome. Dude the script writer for your character made me wish I knew you for real!

I will continue to watch your old dramas but hoping to see u in a new drama this 2015.. KJH is a very versatile actor he can portray any role be it action,love story or comedy. Wow it was a very touching drama filled with excitement,surprises adventures and etc. I am a person who is not easy carried by heavy drama but oh Ive shed a lot of cast were all terrific so congratulations! You have a great chemistry with YEH,the kisses was super hot it beats the korean standards when it comes in kisses.like old pecks kisses.. I know you and YEH have several identical rings and bracelets.. If you are anything like your charactor in "Lie to me" You have to be some special ladies sweet heart.

I hope you and yoon eun hye have a romantic relationship in the real life.. I really love your acting and hers in that drama, it's so romantic. i just wish i can be by your side but well itwill never happen so be with yoon eun hye. So far, I’ve seen, Rough Cut, My Girlfriend is an Agent, Save the Last Dance for Me, and Be Strong, Geum-soon!

you and yoon eun hye are the best couple that i ever seen in korean drama. Just can't wait to see lie to me part 2 with you and yoon eun hye together again. oh please please make another korean movie with yoon eun hye oh please, you to look good together as a couple.

this is my first time to idol a korean actor you are the best, i watch lie to me its so great,in coffee house and hong gil dong so funny , you so handsome,we a killing smile. It's because of your chemistry with YEH at that drama.

Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are perfect match for each other. Both of you are very fantastic,you are very good when it comes to acting, Thank you for giving happiness to the filipino people.

ALL I CAN SAY IS MORE MORE OF YOU KJW AND YEH TOGETHER YOU HAVE THIS SO CALLED ‘”CHEMISTRY”"LOVE SEEING YOU GUYS……. The characters in these movies differ from each other but he suits with all the character : P Good luck ...

PLEASE:)) best actor...handsome....funny..i could meet u in personal..gil dong ok....coffee house you are so crazy.to me....i watch this drama several times and still laughing...can't wait you are next drama....i hope you will more success kang ji hwann...please come to indonesia... Have not once been disappointed, not once: Capital Scandal, Hong Gil Dong (OMG! hi ji are so amazing actor.i am so like your drama and movies to ,e i waching this drama some time.i love you.i love your played.i love youe nice smile.i wish see you just 1 time befor my dead.i love you my and yoon eyun hye are very good my sweet dream. Anneyong haseo Ji Hwan Ah,,its relieve to write in here,,actually this is the first time for me wathing one of your drama but im accidentally in love on you,,, Chincha chowae...because your character in "Lie to me" is the dream of every girl,woman,yoja in the world. I think Yoon Eun Hye killed by your smile, i hope you will come to Indonesia sometimes... I wish your choice of drama proposals will reflect your strengths better. I can't wait for next big thing for you Kangaroo Ji-Hwan. You're one of the best in K entertainment aside from being adorable, handsome & talented actor! i really want to meet kang ji-hwan and all the cast of the lie to me and many korean actors and actresses.. i hope that in the near future be there at korea and meet you up guys... ^,^ i love kan ji hwan, he a good kisser,i think he fall in love with eun hye. I love Hong Gil-Dong, Coffee House and My Girlfriend is an Agent. drama airing here in the philippines,i hope someday you visit our country. *mwaaah* oh my god ,i wish and i might that maybe "lie to me" have part 2 because probably this movie is one of the greatest work of bolywood ..............................i hope its have part 2 ..........................thank you Hi, Mr. ^_^ Hopefully, there will be Lie to me Part 2, part 3, and so on which is tell about your marriage life. now i watch incarnation of money "ang galing galing' you so genuis,funny, and cute.a lot of korean t.v. I absolutely became one of your fans since watching your drama with Yoon Eun Hye on Lie to me. You know, I've watched "Lie to me" more than ...... Even, sometimes I imagine that it would be in your real life. hehehe Now, we are here waiting for your next K-Drama with YEH agaiiiinnn, pleeassseeeee........ It's a bit embarrassing but i admit i admire u a lot. I've watched the series Lie To Me like 10 times already and ill watch it over and over again 'til my hair turn gray..portrayed his role so well.made me laugh and I fell inlove with him in that series. Kang is one of the most talented person i have ever known,hoping and wishing for more tv drama series and movies to come and may his career continue to shine.

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