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There might be thousands of telephone numbers of 545-321.When we add an area code and, perhaps, an international code, we make the number unique: 44 020 545-321.This describes what is meant by "interoperable file format" — once you produce an XML file, it is open to everyone.An input, and all the information required to understand the structure of your data, is included in the file. Here’s a text file and an XML file that both store the same information: Notice how the subject of our data is defined in the XML file.The full XML specification can be read here, although, as we'll see shortly, .NET gives you the tools to write valid XML automatically.But XML crucially differs from plain text in that it allows you to structure your data in a standard manner.This is important — it means that other systems can interpret your XML, which is not as easily achievable in plain text.

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It doesn’t say how to display the data or what to do with data, just as a text file doesn’t.

Sometimes, it doesn't make sense for information to appear between opening and closing tags.

For example, if we need more than one piece of information to describe an element, we might like to include those multiple pieces of information within a single tag.

For example, XML 1.0 requires that all XML files consist of one root element; that is, a single element contains all other elements.

In our music library example above, catalog is our root element, as it contains all our other elements.

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