Xbox 360 nxe not updating

From the article: "After installing the NXE update on my Xbox 360, like a giddy school boy I jumped on the Netflix feature and started playing around with the service.

To be honest I am not a long time Netflix customer, but I am previewing the service currently.

It's a convienence for many and the quality is very acceptable.

I couldnt get over how much worse it looked on the ps3..jaggies galore and crappy detail on background objects. They're also highly compressed, with basically MP3 quality audio.

Anyway I like the netflix feature and it is a very convenient feature to have that will only get better and better. Better than standard airwave TV, but not exactly Cable/Satellite quality, let alone Blu-ray.

Im happy with Netflix just like it is .just saying that the people complaining should wait because its coming .who knows if its out before Home :p "Defeats the purpose"? jkoz, I play EVERYTHING on my TV from my PC, TV Shows, Movies, emulators/games on my 42" 1080p HDTV. My sister and several friends now do the same (I set them up, cost ~ 15$ for the cables.

I doubt watching on a 60" TV instead of a 15" laptop screen is defeating the purpose, even if you have to choose the movie on the laptop. When you cue stuff up on your PC..not just stream it to your TV via a media server or direct connection.

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