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One of the most useful of the new features is support for Message Drafts.Similar to email, any message you type up in Skype…This is still the case, but the responsibilities of the marketing team have now spilled over to other departments within an organization – the human resources department in particular. To understand this story, I’d like you to meet Bob. And as you can imagine, this company produces chairs. Here’s how it works: when a user clicks a “Send Message” button in a click-to-Messenger ad within their Facebook News Feed, it launches an automated chat in Messenger between the business and… (and how bad they look now)It seems wild that in a few short years we went from scrolling past small thumbnail images to seeing crisp, clear and beautifully designed visuals and videos all over social media.Not any chairs, but some of best and comfy chairs you’ve ever seen. Now is the perfect time to unleash your creativity on the world in the form of social ads!We have been left out of the conversation for the traditional buys, the print, the billboards, the radio, AND TV.

Drive clicks, serve impressions, highly target customers, drive attributable conversions.

Joy Hawkins been doing local SEO for over 13 years, all local, only local. She worked at Imprezzio Marketing and left that company after almost 8 years and started her own firm, Sterling Sky, Inc.

It was one of the more scary things she has done but looking…

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