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This allows you the time and opportunity to resolve complicated and long standing problems under medical supervision in an environment of understanding, love and care.He then advises a follow up readmission after 6 months for a period of 2-3 weeks and at periodic intervals thereafter till maximum recovery is achieved.At "The Clinic" we offer a unique treatment which is often the best you can find anywhere in the world, which is given with love, care and wisdom, at prices which are far lower than what it would cost in the western world.We have structured our in patient healing methods and ambiance to help you get well as soon as possible.The approach gives you adequate time with the doctor which ranges from 45 minutes to an hour on all working days which gives both the doctor and you the chance to explore, understand and solve the your problems.This kind of time from a doctor is rarely available in any hospital and is only possible because we see a small number of patients every day in the clinic.I conduct therapeutic yoga classes which I direct towards helping each individual to heal and strengthen his weak areas.

We offer an individualized and intensive approach to your problems, in an integrated and holistic manner in a clean and harmonious environment which is ideal for healing.People with simpler issues may not need such long stays to resolve their problems.Treatment begins with an in depth diagnostic evaluation.Here we aim to help your body heal to a level from where your body's own healing mechanisms take over and allow you to recover.Patients with complicated problems rarely get the full benefit of the treatment as out-patients.

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