Wsus not updating server 2016

If there is a corporate firewall between WSUS and the Internet, you might have to configure that firewall to ensure WSUS can obtain updates.

To obtain updates from Microsoft Update, the WSUS server uses port 443 for HTTPS protocol.

As clients (endpoints) we assume that they can be either Windows clients or Windows Servers.Although most of corporate firewalls allow this type of traffic, there are some companies that restrict Internet access from the servers due the company's security policies.if your company restricts access, you need to obtain authorization to allow Internet access from WSUS to the following list of URLs: The following section describes how to configure a corporate firewall that is positioned between WSUS and the Internet.The most fundamental task is to direct each client to communicate with WSUS Server to check for new updates instead of using Microsoft Update over the Internet.Next, we will go through the individual settings for scheduling updates, configuring alerts, etc.

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