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An important concept in archaeology, and one that isn't given a lot of public attention until things go awry, is that of context.Context, to an archaeologist, means the place where an artifact is found.Which is why, on a Monday evening in February of 2000, you might have heard archaeologists all over North America screaming at their television sets. For those of you who haven't seen it, the PBS television show brings a group of art historians and dealers to various places in the world, and invites residents to bring in their heirlooms for valuations.It's based on a venerable British version of the same name.

The following parts of this article are stories which attempt to explain the context concept, including how crucial it is to our understanding of the past, how easily it is lost when we glorify the object, and why artists and archaeologists don't always agree. In that very interesting article, Hristov and Genovés reported on the rediscovery of a tiny Roman art object recovered from a 16th century site in Mexico. The site has been abandoned since that date, although some cultivation of nearby farm fields has taken place.

In the second segment, a footed vase from a precolumbian site was brought in, and the appraiser pointed out evidence that it had been recovered from a grave.

The third was a stoneware jug, looted from a midden site by a guy who described excavating the site with a pickaxe.

Three utterly shocking segments were aired, three segments that brought us all screaming to our feet.

The first involved a metal detectorist who had looted a site in South Carolina and brought in the slave identification tags he had found.

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