Why hes dating her instead of you

That gut feeling is a powerful thing, so if I were her, I would keep my eyes open and not be afraid to ask him a few questions here and there. How about calling your partner when you are stressed instead of just putting them on the backburner?We all have tough days and stress in our lives, it’s not really a valid reason to put off your partner (but a common excuse, rather). Open communication is the key to a successful relationship.On the other hand, if you’re both on the same page, whether it’s a short-, medium- or long-term page, things have a better chance of working out than when your relationship goals are at odds. Now, I’ve never been a lion or gazelle, but I can imagine that the chief emotion that the lion was feeling at that moment was confusion.And if his interest in you is limited from the start, then things can only go so far. Communicate with the fellow as clearly and directly as possible to find out what he’s looking for in a relationship: “So, what are you looking for in a relationship? ” Your senses are on high alert, and you just can’t wait to pounce. Here was the lion, with its advanced hunting software doing what it’s been doing for eons… Now he has to rethink the whole situation, perhaps totally losing interest in this particular gazelle.And then his interest wanes and he starts treating her like an option instead of a priority? An excellent question that has been posed by women since time immemorial. How do you get a guy to treat you like priority instead of an option?The fact that she worried, didn’t want to bother him and was afraid to contact him may be a sign to take a hard look at this partnership.

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It’s more accurate to attribute this kind of behavior to cluelessness rather than malice, with also makes it easier on you.As a result, nobody’s willing to invest a whole hell of a lot of themselves in anything. I also urge you to stop doing it yourself, so at the very least you’re part of the solution, not the problem. In the space of one week, one’s aunt died, and the other one’s father committed suicide by drinking Drano. Now, if you’re already pretty well-bonded, these catastrophic events may even make you seek solace and support in one another, strengthening your bond. after first date), it just blows things apart like a roadside improvised explosive device. Even when you’re 100% sure it’s about you, it’s almost never about you.Why waste time when a better match is around the corner? In every interaction, whether on phone, online or in person, keep in mind, “There’s a real human being on the other end, and a small but nonzero chance this guy/girl could be my future ex-spouse.” So be nice now, and pay attention. If you were to remember one of the Four Agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz’s Toltec wisdom, let it be #2: don’t take anything personally.I think it is important that we all remember how we want to be treated, and settle for nothing less.We have to speak out and not be afraid to say what we want or need.

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