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Imagine if the world was opposite — as in there was a role reversal between the men and women of our society — how does such a world sound? YFilm’s Man’s World follows a fictional account of a guy whose life is turned upside down as he now lives in a world where women are the dominating gender and all the issues faced by women today are faced by him.Bang Baaja Baaraat is a hilarious take on marriages in the present date and culture where in arranged marriages are a thing of the past.All About Sec 377 is aimed at educating the masses of the struggle faced by people from the LGBT community in the country.The plot follows the life of a straight guy who lives with two gay guys and how this teaches him a thing or two about the issues faced by his flatmates in the Indian society.#Love Bytes follows the story of a couple who’re very much in love and very much living together too.The series follows the story of a web developer and the artificial intelligence created by him.

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The series further explores the twisted topsy-turvy world of the television industry.While the majority of Bollywood and Television-based filmmakers and production houses are still trying to please the censor board and serve topics according to the conservative audience’s taste, web-series producers in India are experimenting with the free hand they’ve been afforded.Bidding adieu to the nonsensical tv series catering to the old school thought process, a number of web series have come up in the past few years and are providing video content that the youth can relate to.The series by 101 India follows the growing underground hip-hop scenes in India, traversing different artists from the country in a documentary format.The show is a must watch for freestyle enthusiasts.

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