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Later in 2011, Kravitz appeared in Marvel Comics movie ‘X-Men: First Class’ as Angel Salvador and enhances her popularity and worth.But, Kravitz delivered her best in the fourth spin-off of ‘Californication’, a Showtime television series.Kravitz’s father Lenny is a well-known musician whereas her mother Lisa is a well-known actress.After the divorce of her parents, Kravitz lived with her mother at the beginning and then began living with her father.According to the assessment, it is seen that Kravitz is highly recognized for her role Bonnie Carlson presented for HBO series ‘Big Little Lies’, though she has presented a supporting role but receive immense acclaim.Her fans adore her for her modeling and singing skills too. From the early days of this relationship, Kravitz is committed with Karl Glusman.Although she is much shorter than her boyfriend height; but still they make a great pair.

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magazine when she commented on the beauty trend that injects Botox into the nerves responsible for activating sweat glands in the body.

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