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When I mentioned has many rocking moments, I wasn’t kidding, as the first song on the album ‘End Of Earth’ pulls you in, grips its claws into you and has you playing air guitar as Richie rocks out.‘Thunder’, the second track expands from the previous track by getting into a heavier groove.

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Here we have a band that is coming at you from both the world of music, and the world of comedy – both exceptionally divisive and personal forms of creativity.And if those types of people in your life have passed on, then honor them as you replay their advice in your head to help guide you through life’s challenges.The more I listened to , the more memories came flooding back throughout my life.From when I was a kid and hearing this kind of music back then to my life now and hearing the lyrics, especially on ‘I’ve Got You’ and seeing the people in my life that love and support me unconditionally, I have a lot to be thankful.I wouldn’t declare my all-time favorite album, but Richie Kotzen has an undoubtedly canny talent to make listeners reflect, which reaches the heart and soul of your being.

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