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The Keating Government introduced compulsory superannuation, created an infrastructure development program, privatised Qantas and the Commonwealth Bank, and helped make republicanism and indigenous rights the subject of national debates, establishing the Republic Advisory Committee and enshrining native title in statute law.

At the 1996 election, Labor suffered a landslide defeat to the Liberal–National Coalition.

Keating was elected to the House of Representatives at the age of 25, winning the Division of Blaxland at the 1969 election.

He briefly served as Minister for Northern Australia in the dying days of the Whitlam Government.

Allen died on Monday aged 65 after a battle with cancer.

Allen Iverson has had a great career, but not as good as Paul Pierce- championships speak volumes.

Keating grew up in Bankstown, a working-class suburb in western Sydney.

His siblings include Anne Keating, a company director and businesswoman.

After an initially close partnership, leadership tensions began to increase between Hawke and Keating, culminating in a secret agreement that Hawke would eventually retire in Keating's favour.

Leaving De La Salle College—now known as La Salle Catholic College—at the age of 14, Keating left high school and decided not to pursue higher education, and instead worked as a pay clerk at the Sydney County Council (the city's electricity distributor).

He then worked as research assistant for a trade union, having joined the Labor Party as soon as he was eligible. Through his contacts in the unions and the NSW Young Labor Council, Keating met future senior Labor figures such as Laurie Brereton, Graham Richardson and Bob Carr.

Everybody knows Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, the second-richest man in the world.

But Microsoft's other cofounder, Paul Allen, only became famous outside of Seattle once he published his memoirs in 2011.

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