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Orion Vanessa Carloto, (born September 9, 1996), better known as Orion Carloto, is an American actress and You Tube personality.She has a minor role in Hayley Kiyoko's "Curious" music video and portrays a flirty girl.Kreacher did not mention him in his recounting of Regulus's death, but considering the great influence that Walburga had over her house-elf and younger son, that could mean nothing.Orion died two years before Sirius was falsely accused of mass murder and thrown in Azkaban.Orion Carloto is a member of You Tube Star You Tuber who gained fame alongside her best friend Sam on the comedy channel Orion And Sam.She created her own independent channel following the success of Orion And Sam. She's written for a magazine called Local Wolves. Sarah Silverman was her inspiration to become a comedic Actress.He had a bad relationship with his elder son Sirius, who disagreed with Orion's bigotry.

Apollo bet Artemis that she couldn't hit a small mark down in a river, which was actually Orion's head, visible above the water as he was swimming.Orion erected a vast array of magical security measures on the house while he lived there.Orion and his wife, like many members of the Black family, believed strongly in blood purity.Orion and Walburga favoured their younger son, Regulus, who echoed their belief system, and they approved when he joined the Death Eaters.They were not members of the organisation themselves, but they agreed with Lord Voldemort's values and goals.

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