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The show often alternates the Critic's angry rants and juvenile humor with legitimate analysis of the episode's subject.

Walker briefly retired the series in August 14, 2012 to work on other projects, even writing the character out of existence in the Channel Awesome film To Boldly Flee.

In April 2008, the videos were removed from You Tube but an arrangement between the company and content host Blip in 2009 resulted in them being featured on You Tube once more.

The announcement of a spin-off, called The Nostalgia Chick, was created in "The Search for the Nostalgia Chick" (August 10, 2008).

Since the revival of the series in 2013, Walker occasionally produces an editorial which discusses relevant film topics; while still featuring the Critic persona, these videos are much less comedic and contain no sketches or other actors.

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Beginning in 2019, most of Nostalgia Critic's recent reviews would run on 60 frames per second.

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On January 22, 2013, Walker announced the show's return in a narrative video called "The Review Must Go On".

The series was initially launched on You Tube in July 3, 2007 with a review of Transformers but episodes were frequently removed by the website following complaints of copyright infringement.

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