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It is possible that she was in a relationship at that time, perhaps married to a husband. At 52 years of age, Gina might or might not be married, might be in search of a husband or already found one, but either way, she has refused to share her life with the rest of the world.The reasons behind which we cannot fathom, but only know that they exist and respect them.The California-native is most famous for her role as Detective Irene Daniels in And another little peek into the mystery that is Gina Ravera's life, she was trained as a classical dancer early in her age.

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She underwent an operation and was later discharged.

By Agiza Hlongwane Vivacious Generations actress and radio DJ Katlego Danke has become another statistic of violent crime.

Danke, 29, was stabbed in the forehead as she was leaving the SABC radio studios in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, on Saturday morning.

A former Backstage actress, Danke plays the character of Dineo Mashaba, a magazine editor, on Generations, South Africa's most popular soapie. Danke was unavailable for comment on Saturday, as she was heavily sedated.

A source close to the actress, who asked not to be named, said although the attack was believed to be a robbery - her bag was taken - it seemed to be a very strange one. Why stab her in the face, unless there's an ulterior motive?

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