Who is ian mckellen dating

The audience called the young actor for an encore 15 times!In 1962, Mc Kellen played one of the leading roles in the production of great Zeffirelli Much Ado About Nothing.A year later, he played at the Ipswich Theatre, in one more year ‒ in Nottingham, and three years later Ian Mc Kellen was invited to one of the theaters of the West End, nicknamed London’s Broadway.Mc Kellen’s London debut took place in the production by James Saunders called A Scent of Flowers and entered the history of the theater as one of the most triumphal performances.A recent poll conducted for the Celebrity Post shows that a large majority (85%) of respondents think those Ian Mc Kellen death rumors are not funny anymore.Ian Mc Kellen Death Hoax Dismissed Since Actor Is ‘Alive And Well’On Sunday (September 01) the actor's reps officially confirmed that Ian Mc Kellen is not dead.“Everything is very simple, dear, you step on stage and make the audience fall in love with you,” Zeffirelli told Ian right before the premiere.The part of Claudio, performed by Mc Kellen, forever gave him the fame as one of the most talented actors who ever played in the English theatre.

Others say this shows his extreme popularity across the globe.© 2019 Media Mass All rights reserved. Ian Murray Mc Kellen comes from the county of Lancashire.He was born on May 25, 1939 in the family of a civil engineer who, like his father and grandfather, was a preacher, not ordained to the priesthood.Where as some trusting fans believed the post, others were immediately skeptical of the report, perhaps learning their lesson from the huge amount of fake death reports emerging about celebrities over recent months.Some pointed out that the news had not been carried on any major British network, indicating that it was a fake report, as the death of an actor of Ian Mc Kellen's stature would be major news across networks.

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