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With that, he skated over for a heart-to-heart with his coach, Alexei Mishin, the father figure he's been working with for 20 years.From there, Plushenko went to the judges' area, gave them the bad news and then skated out to center ice as his name was called on the public address system.I’ve already won—for myself.”Plushenko could have skated off into the sunset, knowing his 2006 gold and silvers from 20 had secured an unparalleled legacy in his homeland.Instead, he was on the ice Thursday, preparing to skate seventh out of 30 competitors, until a triple axel during warmups rattled him back to the reality of his physical state.

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” And then it goes on to say that a poll on shows irrefutably that figure skating fans are outraged by Lysacek’s gold. By 1993 Evgeny learned all triple jumps (including triple axel jump).His Volgograd school was closed, when Plushenko was 11, so he had to move to St. There he trained under the tutelage of Alexei Mishin, the main trainer in his career.But he's had at least two surgeries on his back, including one to implant four screws just last year.That surgery and ensuing recovery was why the 31-year-old had been on the ice so little in the past year.

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