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This featured community question comes from member fellowtoucans: I’m not sure that I owed it to anyone, but I did create and continue to host a community section of my website where people can sign up for free and ask questions exactly like this one.

Posting around here is lighter than it normally is.

I’ve been through periods like this before when it seems everything goes wrong at exactly the same time, and if I can just get up and make it through my day things will turn around eventually.

This week on my podcast my cohost and I got to talk to Jesse Cohen of the band Tanlines, a band I have talked about a few times on this website.

For me, it would have to be something horrific for me to separate Odie from his girls.

Why does a handsome, tall, fit, smart, funny, supportive man get thrown out of his home and separated from his wife and children?

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    If anything, it forced his mother to move to America where he got his breakthrough.

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    On the front of the AP are the 2 antenna connectors for the 2.4Ghz network with the right connector being the primary.