Who is derek jeter dating now

As Derek Jeter’s career comes to a ceremonious close, everyone and their dog is running lists and commemorations for the loyal Yankee.

However, we’d like to acknowledge his off-the-field pursuits. So let’s lock back on Jeter’s career with famous, beautiful women.

She stars in two upcoming films: "Searching for Sonny" and the thriller "Roommate," opposite "Gossip Girl" hottie Leighton Meester.

Before being cast for "Friday Night Lights," Kelly had been working as a nurse for four years.

Though she appeared in Hannah Davis is a 24 year-old supermodel who grew up in St. She and Jeter have been on-again, off-again for the past two years, which a publicist would probably spin as “just good friends,” but I will spin as “just hot sex.” Apparently Jeter was upset at a sexy photo shoot she took for SI. That’s pretty petty when you look at this roster of women.

At 33 years old, Jessica Alba has done very well for herself both before and after dating the Yankee shortstop.

Minka Kelly was Jeter's longest relationship aside from Davis. ...

Derek Jeter married his longtime girlfriend Hannah Davis, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, in a small ceremony at Meadowood Napa Valley Resort in St.

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Even before she was uber famous, Kelly was snagging celebrity men. Donald Faison and Minka dated for less than a year. They began dating soon after he separated from his first wife, Lisa Askey.

She’s got the Benjamin Button/Dorian Gray/Choose Your Analogy-thing going on where she doesn’t appear to have aged at all since her heyday ten years ago.

Jeter, who's a bit older on the other hand, appears to have been repeatedly inflated and drained with compressed air for the past three years or so. Fun fact: She was born “Minka Dufay.” Adopting “Kelly” was a pretty wise move on her end.

Also, her dad was in Aerosmith and her mom was a stripper.

Those are my two favorite occupations, so she’s clearly floating in the deep end of the gene pool. She’s taken on work in last year’s SI Swimsuit Issue, Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levi’s.

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