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He gets props for committing to the style and actually shaving the sides of his head.If he’d accessorized his ‘do a little (with hair dye, glitter, bedazzling, etc.), he definitely would have landed closer to the top of this list.The whole style (which also includes a ponytail) is subtle but unique.Obviously, Torch’s nearly waist-lengthed, ombre hair earns the top spot. Also, his brown goatee and the dark strip of hair down the middle of his head are perfectly aligned — you gotta love that symmetry.London’s subdued mohawk (or business casual mohawk) is adorable.Rocking a fuller version of the gelled up, “blowout” (made famous by reality TV luminary Pauly D), Flipper’s hair is notable for its ability to maintain its basic inverted-isosceles-trapezoid shape even after he’s done about 10 backflips.His long hair is choppy and interesting and seems self-cut, which is very rock and roll.

A flashback features Daisy fighting with a former Rock of Love contestant. References are made to Daisy's "big boobs"; one contestant refers to sidekick Rachtman as a "boner kill." Daisy and the other women on the show wear lots of tight, revealing clothes; male contestants are shown wearing butt-revealing thongs and in bondage attire.Recently, the actor Corey Haim passed away, apparently of a drug overdose. But his life had taken a true downward trajectory, and his friends should have been able to notice the warning signs.Namely, that he was dating "Daisy of Love" star Daisy de la Hoya.Teens may be drawn to the show thanks to its connection to other popular shows like it, but it's really not for kids." /Competitive behavior sometimes leads to pushing, shoving, punching, bloody injuries, and destruction of property.

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