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The wedding took place at Graceland Wedding Chapel, where Shak slinked down the aisle in a white Versace dress and 6-inch gold platform YSL heels.The couple exchanged Cartier wedding bands in front of an Elvis impersonator in full King regalia.Russian Credit Card Thief Used Stolen Information to Play Online Poker From good old fashioned live crime to cyber crime and authorities have arrested a man named Roman Seleznev in connection with a credit card fraud scheme involving 0m in credit card purchases. A quick check of his laptop found a vast number of stolen credit card numbers he had gleaned by hacking into restaurant security systems in Washington and several other states.The jury heard that Seleznev was the largest trafficker of stolen credit cards over a seven-year period before the feds caught up with him.FOX411 is reporting that Beth Shak may be dating Kid Rock.

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He tweeted to anyone who likes to stick a stocking over their head that he always carries a gun when he walks from his car to his home; has alarms and motion detectors all over his house, and even if they did avoid all of those traps they wouldn’t find any money.“Don’t these idiots know we leave our money at the casinos where we play? The Godfather has been the victim of a robbery five times in his lifetime.

She is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist as well as a shoe and handbag expert.

Shak ran a private vintage designer clothing business for 10 years.

Shak initially learned to play poker by logging on to Full Tilt Poker and using “play money” until she felt comfortable enough to start playing with real money.

When she started playing live, she found it to be “very different” and had to learn not to let men intimidate her.

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