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If you don't know where to start or the thought of going to a dance class freaks you out, order one of Kaiser's workout DVDs. "Sweating enhances the production of pheromones, chemicals designed by the body to attract and arouse the best mate," says Kathleen Duffy, an aroma therapist and the owner of Herbarium, an herbal store in Massachusetts.

"So amplifying your own unique scent through sweating will turn him on."Kegels aren't the only toning exercise you should be doing to maximize your pleasure down there. Every couple has a go-to sex move…and it's usually missionary.

A relationship "cannot survive without intimacy," says sexy and relationship therapist Mary Jo Rapini.

Start in an upright position with your knees on the ground and your shoulders over your hips.

With Furry Mate's private messaging, advanced searching, and instant chat capabilities it is now easier then ever to find your furry match.

With thousands of members making up a huge furry community, and many new furries signing up daily, you never know who you might find.

"Be daring and spontaneous," says sexologist and podcast host Emily Morse.

Make a numbered list of the things you and your husband want to try and set a date for when you want to accomplish those goals by.

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    CONS: Slightly more men than women (but given that most of the guys are absolute chumps, you will find it really easy to talk to girls if you follow our advice on How to get a girl to flash you ; your profile will take up to 24 hours to get approved, but having a profile pic will greatly increase your chances.

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