What is consolidating and fragmenting in consumer tastes

The level of disruption has been significant: By 2000, seven of the eight largest US retailers in 1980 had filed for bankruptcy, been acquired, or lost their places as major industry players. But each of the transitions described above was driven by larger technological and social shifts, and each led to fundamental changes in how people shopped.And every one of them increased consumer choice while reducing consumers’ total cost in terms of money, time, and opportunity.Because sourcing and procurement, inventory management, store operations, marketing, and fulfillment become more efficient as they scale, established retailers can extend these capabilities to support smaller, more fragmented niche players.Traditional retailers can also move to transform into consumer agents—new entities that use deep understanding of consumers to help them navigate product choices.Over the next quarter century, club stores, category killers, and value players joined big-box stores to drive more and more smaller merchants out of business.Then, at the turn of the century, as Internet access became mainstream, e-commerce retailers shook up the sector yet again.

Driven by the Big Shift’s forces, consumers are becoming far more informed, and product choices are proliferating rapidly.Done right, these experiences can become so valuable that they inspire consumers to choose to pay for them in themselves.Another opportunity for many large retailers is to become industry infrastructure providers.Design, sales, and support are less strongly linked, with small, niche entrants drawing from a range of flexible options to execute these activities.To compete effectively, traditional retailers should reimagine how they create and capture value, thinking past omnichannel positioning to examine, and find the best uses for, their assets.

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