What is an accomodating female

Perhaps in the future, she will expand to custom orders for her other styles.

Of course, I had no sewing knowledge or design experience. (Winter coats are an issue.) I have what the Piratical Boyfriend calls a "Ghetto Bootie" and the rest of my family calls a "Mediterranean Ass" (say that with a Greek accent for full effect).

I will not get into actual numeric figures, but I generally take a size 14 jeans and either a large or x-large in tops.

In the world of Mode Merr, I am generally an x-large.

To fit my butt, the waist in jeans is generally HUGE. Needless to say, these struggles afflict not only plus size gals, but gals of all sizes.

(I don't want to exclude anyone.) And then along came Mode Merr.

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