Wechat hot sex supply chain consolidating

I still have hundreds of contacts, and I use it to talk to my colleagues and test my apps.Who will discover your wonderful post and the wisdom it contains if your title doesn’t incentivize people to click on your article?He is my only contact, and I use it only when I talk to him.2013- I have convinced a few other people (my girlfriend, my Chinese friends living in Paris) to add me on We Chat.I have ~10 contacts, and use it a few times a week because it's fun (stickers, games, voice chat).2014- I get a job working at the KENZO flagship store.It also lets users send a lump sum to a group of friends, which the app disburses in five random amounts. One might end up with , while four others get smaller sums, and three get nothing.Letting the app pick a windfall winner and a slew of losers creates a gambling-esque suspense, stoking the sort of emotions that encourage more spending. In order to send or receive money in the running have to sign up their bank accounts too.

The next time they consider making a purchase in We Chat, they won’t be deterred by the tedium of entering in all that bank account info. Amazon and i Tunes have long demonstrated the zillions to be made from dissolving the barriers between customers and their online impulse buy.

With a huge and growing Chinese clientele, I start using We Chat every day.

I make my own business cards with my We Chat QR code.

Actually, in my job I build We Chat apps for luxury brands.

Although the We Chat apps (really called "service accounts"- they're web apps) I build generally target the Chinese population, I can tell you that in my experience a LOT of Americans have recently taken an interest in We Chat as it becomes more and more watched within the western media.

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