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A typical digital certificate 20 is illustrated in .

There are a number of protocols and standards, including the X.509 standard and the PKCS 7 standard, that specify mandatory and optional fields that should be used in digital certificates.

The client computers within the enterprise network are configured to trust an enterprise signing key, and the proxy uses said enterprise signing key to spoof an arbitrary Website outside the confines of the enterprise network, thus enabling the proxy to decrypt and then carefully examine the SSL traffic.

The two fields described immediately above are referred to as the “signing block” 29.

illustrates apparatus suitable for carrying out the present invention.

However, the Common Name can also be the IP (Internet Protocol) address (e.g., .61) of the computer 2 that presented the certificate 20. This is the date that the digital certificate 20 was issued by the Signing Authority (SA), the entity that digitally signed the certificate 20. This is the date on which the digital certificate 20 will expire.

After the expiration date, the digital certificate 20 should not be further used or accepted.

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