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Some single people think that it is best to end a relationship after their partner is diagnosed with HPV or genital warts, with some people might think that the visual implications of genital warts are a turn-off (e.g.

the lumps, etc) — But this can be an unjust and un-thoughtful decision, as one can still have a romantic life and safe sexual relationship with the required precautions are taken.

Some might think that their significant other may soon die of cervical cancer, while some might worry for their own well-being or spreading the HPV virus to others.

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One can still lead the relationship with happiness and joy just as before with minor changes and/or precautions.Instead of focusing on how things are different, consider your ability to adapt as a positive thing. If you want to ask your date about cancer or genital warts caused by HPV, make sure that it’s right timing.Some are a bit awkward when talking about this and others are afraid that their date will change once they know about cancer that’s cased by HPV.For your body to get rid of HPV or continue make the virus dormant in your system, you would need to boost your immune system.With medical research results by The University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School indicates that natural extract from Japanese Shiitake mushrooms called Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) can help to eradicate HPV, it is certainly a good news.

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