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With skits like "Men On Film," involving an effeminate pair of movie critics, the convict clown "Homey D.

Clown," and the maniacally accident prone "Firemarshall Bill," the show was uproariously funny in an way that had never previously been seen.

In the first Vision & the Scarlet Witch mini-series, Golden Age hero the Whizzer shows up, believing himself to be the father of the twins.

(Long story short: the Whizzer was a Golden Age Marvel superhero that gained the power of super speed from a blood transfusion with a mongoose.) Wanda chooses to continue pretending he is her father, despite believing it to be Magneto, because she sees him as a lonely old man who could use the comfort.

She, he, and the Vision all go to help rescue his superpowered son Nuklon, who has been raised in a playpen in a lab into his adult years and is so powerful he melts the Vision's arm to slag within moments of their arrival.

IN LIVING COLOR signalled a shift in the way comedy was to be presented when it hit the airwaves in the 1990s.

With a multicultural cast geared toward a genuinely diverse audience, the irreverent jokes roasted everyone: white, black, Asian, gay, straight, no group was exempt.

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