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The era was changed in 1976 to 559 BC (reign of Cyrus the Great), but was reverted to the Hijri era after the Iranian Revolution.This article is about a calendar used for civil and liturgical purposes.Complex lunisolar calendar with three different years, composed of months divided into thirty days.After the Spanish conquest of the Muisca Confederation in present-day central Colombia in 1537 first replaced by the European Julian and as of 1582 the Gregorian calendar.These are not specific calendars but series of historical calendars undergoing reforms or regional diversification.

In the list below, specific calendars are given, listed by calendar type (solar, lunisolar or lunar), time of introduction (if known), context of use and cultural or historical grouping (if applicable).

The Islamic and some Buddhist calendars are lunar, while most modern calendars are solar, based on either the Julian or the Gregorian calendars.

Some "calendars" listed are identical to the Gregorian calendar except for substituting regional month names or using a different calendar era.

a century before the Julian reform, that the tropical year was slightly shorter than 365.25 days, the calendar did not compensate for this difference.

As a result, the calendar year gains about three days every four centuries compared to observed equinox times and the seasons.

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