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Washington’s policy of racial accommodation and gradualism came in 1903 when black leader and intellectual W. This is an age of unusual economic development, and Mr.

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He advocated resisting Jim Crow legally, first by persuading the federal government to pass an anti-lynching law (which it never did).

He thought the best way to triumph over racism was to cultivate an educated class, a "talented tenth," as he called it, to fight it in the public.

Essentially, he saw Washington's approach as what he called "the old attitude of adjustment and submission" that he associated with slavery.

Washington did not account for the fact that whites in pursuit of similar work would effectively shut out black applicants.

His aim, it seems, was to encourage black people to use the skills they had acquired since slavery to lift themselves "up from slavery" and into self-sufficiency. However, arguably Du Bois's ideas were not much more egalitarian.

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