Viva la bam dating don vito

Bam's Uncle: [throws mustard at her] I told you it was gonna happen. Bam's Uncle: [bam pours water over april's head] Aahhahaha I Love It! Billy Idol: Ahh At the moment I'm mainly in a Strawberry Haagen-Dazs and I drink Guinness.

Bam Margera: So Guinness and ice-cream is the diet to your six-pack? Bam Margera: You fatboys need proper rock training.

The television career and autograph signings stopped. Oderus: I couldn't sleep upstairs, it frightens me! Bam's Dad: [after April kisses Bam goodbye] If she kisses you, I can kiss you. Bam then invites the whole town to a backyard concert/bash.As the evening approaches, Bam decides that Don Vito needs to bring a date and they try to find him one.

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