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"Family wealth should stay within family lines," the will stated (via ), meaning Dana — and, by extension, Nicholas — presumably became filthy rich.He's been described as "a wealthy financier who goes between California and New York" by sources close to him, but what else is there to know about Nicholas Hammond? Meghan Markle's wedding guest list was undeniably impressive, but just as many big names turned out for her BFF, Serena Williams.Nobody really knew who he was when Venus Williams became romantically linked with him, but Nicholas Hammond has actually been courtside for some of Williams' biggest matches since they started dating.He was first spotted in the Williams family box at the 2018 US Open according to the that Hammond's name was being frequently tossed around during the tournament.His decision to join her on the other side of the world seemed to convince those close to the tennis player that he was interested in more than just adding to his already considerable net worth."He's definitely not a fortune hunter," the camp insider said.According to intel, the fact that he likes to keep things under the radar was a big plus point for Williams.

Around 250 lucky guests partied the night away following the ceremony, and bridesmaid Venus Williams was apparently right in the thick of it — the The tennis pro looked stunning in her custom made Galia Lahav dress, but nobody was talking about the guy she brought along.

American tennis star Venus Williams will undoubtedly be remembered as an all-time great, but she's spent the majority of her career in the shadow of Serena Williams, the most decorated female player ever.

Her younger, more successful sibling has upstaged Venus off the court in recent years, too — Serena was a guest at Meghan Markle's lavish wedding to Prince Harry in 2018, which took place not long after she tied the knot with business mogul, Alexis Ohanian.

In July 2018 she answered that question, sharing the secrets of a "grand slam body" with .

Williams began her tutorial with some air squats to help get those "firm glutes" and moved onto side-lying clams because they "help your tushy look amazing." The decorated pro then went through a series of crunches, planks, sit-ups and push-ups before she was done.

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