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The following code (from the sample application , then you can control the way that error messages are output.

If you want to validate against a schema without hard-coding the URI of the schema into the source document, you can do this by pre-loading the schema into the method.

We need to add the following 3 attributes in the root tag attribute is used to specify the schema instance namespace.

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Applications can invoke schema processing using the APIs provided in JAXP 1.3.If you want to remove or replace a schema, start afresh with a new , and saxon.Configuration for the underlying configuration information. The schema-aware product (Saxon-EE) subclasses these with com.saxonica.config. You can get hold of the object containing the schema components for a given target namespace, and to inspect the compiled schema to establish its properties.But in the article, we are going to understand how we can use the XSD to write XML with autocomplete.IDE's like Netbeans, Eclipse and some Editors provide suggestions in the XML file based on XSD provided.

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