Validating time in ajax

This means I don't have to alter the registration code at all! We also put a 'busy' image into the status area whilst doing the AJAX call - I use a simple image from The user gets real-time feedback on whether their username is available, so they don't have to think as hard when the page re-loads with an error message.Note that this won't stop the user submitting a form with an invalid username - if they do submit it, they'll get an error message as per usual.This plugin is available through cdnjs, npm, bower and github.The following form contains some typical validators needed in a registration form.Except this time, somebody else called John (what are the chances, eh?

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Another method is to split on the ":" to get the hours and minutes and then compare the hours. I only just found out that the j Query validation plugins has a validation rule called “remote” which can be used to make an ajax request instead of specifying a custom rule which has an ajax call it in.This will save you heaps of time with those custom validation rules. Example: Checking if a users email is already registered.He types a new username and tries 'Submit' again, unsure as to whether his new selection will be suitable.So we fix this problem easily - we tell your users, while they're entering their username, whether their selection is available.

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