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The issue of incremental validity is perhaps less important for selection interviews than it is for other methods of assessment.Given that an interview forms the bulk of many selection processes, the fact that it captures data on individual differences that are also captured by other selection methods is perhaps desirable.In Reading 1.1 (p.456) Robertson and Smith (2001) present a useful succinct discussion of the construct validity of interviews.Performance in unstructured interviews tends to rely more upon social skills and personality, while cognitive ability has more of a role to play in determining performance in highly structured interviews.Campion, Palmer and Campion (1997) provided a more detailed analysis of the determinants of the predictive validity of interviews and concluded that predictive validity was improved by certain design characteristics.A quick task: Think back to your own experiences of being a candidate in selection interviews. (1997) also found that the way that data was collected and evaluated also had a significant impact on the validity of the interview. Had to do with computer architecture related questions (resume items) then some thinking type questions in a conversational manner about the validation process. Interview Questions Negotiation As an intern i was expecting - but was surprised when they offered .00.

As we have already seen interviews are a very flexible method of assessment.

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In recruitment, impartiality is not just an ethical issue. For example if an appointment is seen as unfair and a complaint is made, or conversely if a candidate is rejected and, for whatever reason, decides to pull the discrimination card.

When one delves deeper into the impact of the design and execution of interviews on validity coefficients a number of important findings emerge.

In one of the most substantial meta-analyses of interviews Mc Daniel, Whetzel, Schmidt, and Maurer, (1994) reviewed 245 different validity coefficients from studies of interviews.

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