Validating sap

The Boolean class which was read from table GB31 will be used here.

For application area FI and call-up point line item, the Boolean class is 09.

The RCLASS or WCLASS field can be referred to know the Boolean Class for an application area and call-up point.

For example, for application area FR and call-up point 2 (Line Item), Boolean class is 009.

The validation rules are activated at company code level.

The 5 call-up points mentioned a little while earlier, can be found in the table for the 5 FI entries highlighted.

The VALEVENTTXT gives the call-up point details corresponding to the number in the field VALEVENT.

The class type refers to RCLASS or WCLASS or both from GB31.

The class type in GB01 is ‘B’ for Validation, ‘S’ for Substitution and ‘A’ for both Validation and Substitution.

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