Validating pre post test

The industry today is focused on techniques that allow designers to better amortize their investment in pre-silicon verification to post-silicon validation.

The best of these solutions enable affordable, scalable, automated, on-chip wire-scale visibility.

The best way to achieve high confidence is to leverage the pre-silicon verification work — which can comprise as much as 30% of the overall cost of the implementation — and use that knowledge in the post-silicon system.

Today, much of this work is done manually, which partially explains the high costs associated with system validation.

Respondents will start their response in a gateway survey that is used to create a unique identifier for each respondent.

Pre-Test and Post-Test Surveys are a common practice in the surveying world. Then, at a later date, the Post-Test survey collects follow-up information after some treatment has been applied.

Usually, survey researchers would like for this data to be in the same survey so that they can easily make data comparisons in the analysis phase.

They suffer, however, from the restricted amount of data they can generate during post-silicon system validation.

Many complicated devices indicate their problems only after days or weeks of testing, and they produce a volume of data that would take centuries to reproduce on a simulator.

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