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Note the HTML documentation requires a modern browser such as Chrome 9 or later, Firefox 4 or later (for versions prior to v38, the HTML Ruby add-on is required), Safari 5.1 or later, Internet Explorer 9 or later, or Edge 20 or later.

Earlier browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.x, Safari 5.0 and older browsers are not recommended.

A detailed summary of the changes between version 3.0.4 and the latest 3.0.6 is available here.

Older summaries for 3.0.1, 3.0.2, 3.0.3, 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 are also available.

This script can only be used with ONIX files conforming to Release 3.0.

The Large file splitter allows single large ONIX files – which may contain thousands or tens of thousands of Product records – to be broken down into multiple smaller files.

The specification also includes an annotated sample file, and the file can be downloaded separately here.

It should be suitable for anyone who has experience of validation using the main XSD schema files with XSD 1.1-compatible tools.

For ONIX 2.1, EDIt EUR originally maintained copies of the latest versions of the DTDs and XSD schemas on the website for online lookup as part of the validation of an ONIX message.

As part of the planned 'sunset' of ONIX 2.1 at the end of 2014, this online option has now been removed.

For example, the advanced schema is able to validate ISBN check digits.

It validates certain rules around inclusion of countries and regions in information included with prices. Optionally, it can also offer warnings when deprecated elements and codes are used. The advanced schema also contains embedded Schematron rules to provide the deprecation warnings.

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