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(Understanding and Using Power Shell Support in SQL Server 2008) In fact, Microsoft hasn’t added a lot of functionality in this area of SMO in SQL Server 2012, so there’s not much new to learn.

In the whitepaper I discussed the SQL Server snapins for Power Shell, and the “mini-shell” that’s included in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2.

The last example I’ll share involves restoring a database to a point in time.

Sometimes the problem that occurred causing you to restore was something that happened at a time you know, and you’re able to decide to bring back the database to that moment.

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In 2009 I published a whitepaper for Microsoft where I introduced a Power Shell script called backup.ps1 using the Server Management Objects (SMO) library to back up your databases, and since SMO is supported for SQL Server versions 2000 through 2012, it still works.

This will back up each of your user databases to the default backup directory, and use the name of the database and the current date and time of the backup in the backup file name.

(Note that you can use the – In each of these examples, I’ve used just the minimum of parameters to keep the examples simple.

If we expand out the list of parameters to the ] It’s obvious to me that they’ve added functionality to this cmdlet over what is available in SMO.

Something that has been available via Transact-SQL and missing from SMO is the ability to set the block size and buffer count for backups, and they’ve enabled those properties.

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