Validating environmental scan

The system must be correctly designed to ensure adequate air and condensate removal, sequencing of the process and maintenance of sterility post - cycle.The steam is used to heat the equipment and to provide the moisture needed for sterilization. Some EU regulatory authorities place great emphasis on the quality of steam used for sterilization.For the sterilization of processing equipment, tubing, garments etc a porous load (equipment or hard goods) autoclave cycle is used.Air must be removed from the chamber and load prior to the sterilization phase of the cycle.The steam is used to heat the load and to provide the moisture needed for sterilization.SIP processes are unique because of the equipment configurations involved.METHODS: Stepwise, we developed a screening instrument, using existing instruments to assess educational environment quality and adopting a theoretical framework that defines three educational environment domains: content, atmosphere and organization.First, items from relevant existing instruments were collected and, after deleting duplicates and items not specifically addressing educational environment, grouped into the three domains.

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Critical steps are those containing Critical Parameters and/or Critical Activities.The principles of steam sterilization are applicable to processes conducted within autoclaves as well as sterilization - in - place (SIP) processes. The steam (or super heated water) is used as a heat transfer medium to heat the contents of the vials/ampoules.The moisture required for sterilization is derived from the contents in the vial / ampoule.The old adage holds true: It costs a penny to make a change in engineering, a dime in production and a dollar after a product is in the field.In the prototyping stage, engineers create actual working samples of the product they plan to produce.

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