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Professor Swami says that as part of the philosophy, ‘women are presented as a different species and are seen as objects to be conquered through a strategic game of deception.’ However, Swami believes that ‘men and women approach potential romantic situations in very similar ways.

There are far fewer gender differences in attraction and relationship formation that we might like to believe.’ He believes that – although many of the men who follow PUA don’t realise it, ‘approaching the art of love as a war to be won means they are ultimately exerting a misogynistic desire to control women’s behaviour.’ Preach.

This explanation, although not a million miles away from the truth, doesn't accurately represent the true concept of visualization.

Visualization involves truly envisioning two things in your head, with as much clarity and detail as possible. For example, leaping from the starting blocks at the crack of the gun, your muscles tightening, your body springing into action, each stride long and powerful driving you forward with super speed and swiftness.

Over the weekend, we laughed and giggled until our stomachs hurt, we cried and shared Kleenex, we walked miles to get food and go to Target, we drank coffee and ate junk food, we stayed up waaay too late and shared secrets, and we bonded as sisters redeemed in Christ. So I tweeted her - "I just passed you on the street! * God seriously spoke to my heart this weekend - through the speakers, the worship, the concerts, my new friends, and His word. Over the weekend her aunt decided to quit smoking and put all that money towards sponsoring a World Vision child. So then Natalie Grant took the mic and talked about why she thought Twitter was so cool - it allowed her to connect with conference attendees in real time.

On the way home, we couldn't stop yakking about how we could bring back all we'd learned to our church, and the ideas flowed! * I saw Sheila Walsh on the street and just couldn't say anything as we passed each other! Sheila Walsh's presentation was particularly close to my heart. During Sheilas' talk, Natalie said there was a moment where she thought, "boy! " And then on twitter, a girl named Anna () 'tweeted' that very sentence! She said, "So Anna, I got your tweet, and I totally agree! *grins*When the social media aspects of that conference are so awesome, then you know the actual content is incredible!

Second is the outcome: such as the winning of the race.

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Some of our brain's uses, however, are less well known and more infrequently used than others. Visualisation techniques are most commonly associated with people who are striving to achieve success in areas of physical excellence: athletes, body builders, endurance specialists, explorers and martial artists all employ the power of visualization to help them achieve their goals. A common misconception is that visualization is the act of imagining something to help yourself achieve an end goal.Doing both ensures your mind is programmed in the most prepared, positive state possible: nerves disappear and confidence grows. Wilcox is the author of Hypno Date - a revolutionary manual that teaches men how to use special hypnotic principles to become masters of attraction and seduction, without the need for good looks, money or a flash car.Of all the manipulative ways to get someone into bed, pickup artistry has to be up at the top of the sleaziness scale.The same principle above applies, you must truly act out in your mind both the act of meeting a girl and the outcome of whatever it is you're looking for () Here's a few pointers to help you do this: 1.Make a real effort to visualize each and every detail of what you want to happen during the act of meeting and talking to a woman.

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