Updating windows mobile 2016

There is another way to get the list of root certificates from Microsoft website. Using any archiver (or even Windows Explorer) unpack The file is a container with a list of trusted certificates in Certificate Trust List format.

You can install this file in the system using the context menu of the STL file (Install CTL). Specify the path to your STL file with certificates.

All Windows versions has a built-in feature for automatically updating root certificates from the Microsoft websites.

As part of the Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program, MSFT maintains and publishes a list of certificates for Windows clients and devices in its online repository.

After you have run the command, a new section Certificate Trust List appears in Trusted Root Certification Authorities container of the Certificate Manager console (certmgr.msc).

In the same way, you can download and install the list of the revoked (disallowed) certificates that have been removed from Root Certificate Program.

In the list below, info about the most recent Windows update is listed first.As you can see, a familiar Certificate Management snap-in opens, from which you can export any of the certificates you have got.In my case, there have been 358 items in the list of certificates.The list of root and revoked certificates in it was regularly updated.The utility was distributed as a separate update KB931125 (Update for Root Certificates). However, as you can see, these certificate files were created on April, 4, 2013 (almost a year before the end of official support of Windows XP).

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