Updating usb

Here are the hardware components we used in the process of upgrading both computers.

The first two pieces of hardware are expansion cards that must be inserted into an open PCI-E slot in your computer to function.

updating usb-49updating usb-55

The new case sports a USB 3.0 port built right into the front port panel but, alas, the circa-2006 motherboard doesn’t support USB 3.0 and has no 19-pin header for the case cable to plug into.If you already have a USB 3.0 port or two on your computer, you can pretty much skip this section: you already know how great USB 3.0 is and you’re here for more.If you’re thinking about upgrading an older computer to support USB 3.0 you might not realize just how many improvements USB 3.0 offers over USB 2.0. The maximum theoretical speed of USB 3.0 is ten times faster than USB 2.0.This tutorial is slightly different in that there are several ways you can go about upgrading computers both old and new to support USB 3.0.Rather than list off every potential combination of hardware add-ons and their permutations, we’re going to highlight two very common upgrade paths.

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