Updating the global address list

2) Why does a manuel update delete cached passwords? If they are, then the problem is with the OAB distribution. Any errors in the event viewer about OAB generation? Click on the Client Settings tab, do you have an OAB set? If no click Browse and select the correct OAB and Ok and Ok You may want to check your EWS (Exchange Web Services) to ensure that is it properly configured as you are using Web Distribution for Outlook 2010. I just ran BPA which only commant was, that incomming/outgoing message size is too high.

Run the SBS BPA and Exchange BPA (in the toolbox in EMC) to ensure that no errors come up. You may also want to change the Distribution Server to another CAS server in your environment if you have one, which would be a good test to see if there is something wrong with the current one being used. If I access OWA and press the to-buttom it shows me a VERY outdated address book only showing 1/3 of the current users.

Also, why did another users address book magically update all of the sudden?

I suspect outlook tries to retrieve the global address list / exchange address book list from the server every now and again, but how is it possible to have the changes take affect on the users workstations more often (or faster), and without having to uncheck the "cached echange" option.

Exchange doesn't cache the GAL information, so you aren't looking at out of date information from within Exchange, it is incomplete information from the domain.

Do check the obvious though - that the mailboxes don't have hide from the address book enabled.

Research in the Exchange Management Shell with:get-Command *Global Address List Five verbs for Global Address Listget, new, remove, set, and update.

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Fortunately, there is a well respected work-around, create a new Global Address List, and then ‘update’ the mailbox. Here is a free tool to monitor your Exchange Server.

Either leave the configuration alone, and just let Outlook users see the Default Global Address List; or else, take the time to study, plan, and test before you implement custom Address Lists.

Default Address Lists (See Screenshot right)Once you realize that there are a handful of built-in Address Lists, you soon realize that you could create your own Custom Address Lists.

Choosing the option to Download the Address book should have had no effect on the nickname files. If I access Outlook 2010 I see the full internal address list (GAL??

I have never seen the entries lost by doing what you posted. All Users is the live information, therefore if you aren't seeing the information elsewhere, then the OAB isn't updating correctly. ) except that this is not updated and missing newly created users.

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