Updating stone fireplace

this – with matching fugly 70’s wall paneling or this, with coordinating barf-peachy-beige walls. It’s massively expensive, massively dangerous and there will be toxic dust that will never go away. It has always confounded me with all of the beautiful choices out there, how some come up with this stuff, but there it is. It’s really a Benjamin Moore color but just with a different name.One of the biggest eyesores in our house was the fireplace in the main living room.And blimey, I spent a considerable amount of time looking for a photo of it. It’s also upsetting because her next door neighbor purchased the home 4.5 years ago and then tore the whole thing down. In the center was a magnificent Lannon stone fireplace that formed the core of the home. Now, you might say that you like the hall and the stairs. The hall and stairs are already inherently charming with the wainscoting, arched doorway, high ceiling and wonderful old newel post. And it doesn’t go with Nancy’s fresh collected style. Nancy used Benjamin Moore paint in semi-gloss on the fireplace stone. haha xo, PS: Jennifer had a question about what to do if there’s no backsplash.That is an indigenous stone to Wisconsin and reminds me of something I would expect to see in an ancient ruin, but not as crumbly. The mouldings, pilasters, columns, high ceilings – give it away. I promise, there will be no pain; in fact many report an intense euphoria. I’m sure it needed a lot of primer to cover the brown. I didn’t have a good answer, at the time, but this is what Nancy and her contractor came up with. " When we bought the house almost two years ago, I wasn't sure what I could do about this problem, but I vowed to do something eventually.Lamenting that the underlying stone probably looked much nicer, I inwardly (and occasionally outwardly) cursed the previous occupants for painting it.

I used coarse-grit sandpaper and a scraper to smooth out the edges and remove drips, then applied white primer over the entire fireplace. It is a good multipurpose primer that is compatible with masonry.

My husband removed the glass doors and found that the surrounding metal cover was full of old insulation (probably asbestos) .

We decided to throw away the doors and install some other kind of cover later.

All it is, is a guessing game and a stressful one at that! Five seconds after Nancy closed on the house, she had the fireplace painted. The intention was to have that be a temporary fix and then to box it in and just get rid of it. she decided that she liked the look of the painted stone and so do I! Sorry, you know us New Yorkers are constantly ribbing our western neighbors! (Nancy Keyes’ hall and staircase before.) And then filled it with a couple of brown sofas and a big, black, misshapen leather chair; horrible lighting and faux marble-painted the columns.

Hopefully, some of you will better understand why it’s impossible to do color consults long distance and based on a description. Let’s say that Nancy had painted her living room the color that the hall used to be.

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