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This will cause a panel to appear in the right-hand side of the Nav Desk window that says "My Navman" and contains maps that you already have.

Select the map that you are replacing, and click "Remove Maps." When a pop-up dialogue box appears asking if you are sure you want to delete the maps, click "Yes" to confirm.

Click the "My Subscriptions" link located in the left-hand side of the Nav Desk window, and click the "Recover Subscriptions" button at the bottom of the right-hand side of the window.

Your maps are now successfully transferred to your Navman GPS.

Click "Transfer Now" when a pop-up dialogue box appears, prompting you to transfer the maps to your GPS.

Click "Close" when a notification appears, telling you that the that the installation has been completed.

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Hi Guys I have been reading over your forum and you all seem to be very generous with your advice. I have a Navman S80 which I managed to unlock and update back in 2011 with IGO8.3.4.142975 (May 2010) and also IGO Primo am learning new things here today which is great. I switched it on and also managed to plot a quick route. Thank you all for your help with updating this Satnav. I now have the icons on the front desktop and start menu. Hubby thought I was a genius but I was honest and gave credit to you guys!I literally could not have done it without you guys. Back in 2011 I was able to put shortcut icons for IGO and Primo on the opening desktop. I have went into the file structure and unsucessfully tried to place shortcuts in various places. I think I was in the unlock folder but I was trying to paste in a shortcut instead of creating this "file pathway" document. It worked great and we were happy with it but I really need to update the maps again.Do you think that my older version software would support the newer maps?

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