Updating multiple columns in mysql Hotchatdirect girls

update T1 set (the Updated Value, the Other Value) = (select the Top, the Value from T2 where T2Key = T1ID) Is there a workaround?

Other than doing it in a loop from eg asp, over either fields (one statement per field), or over records (a query with a loop which for each row does a select from one table, update other table with the selected values.) You can use the proprietary UPDATE...

I like to err on the safe side, I do not bet only an endless stream of 100% perfect programmers.

You correctly guessed the row constructor syntax that is standard in ANSI/ISO SQL, by the way.

(Bug #11758262, Bug #50439) See Section, “Determination of Safe and Unsafe Statements in Binary Logging”, for more information.

Dan Guzman SQL Server MVP "Leif Neland" This is not supported in MSsql.If a user (referenced by column_1_ID) has a row with column_2_ID = 2, and a row with column_2_ID = 4.The row with column_2_ID = 4 should be deleted, and the row with column_2_ID = 2 updated to be column_2_ID = 3.If you update a column that has been declared , an error occurs if strict SQL mode is enabled; otherwise, the column is set to the implicit default value for the column data type and the warning count is incremented.The implicit default value is tables for which there are foreign key constraints, the My SQL optimizer might process tables in an order that differs from that of their parent/child relationship.

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