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It is my observation that notifications that are not to show on the lock screen (for privacy reasons) are suppressed completely.

I have noticed sometimes the texts will stay on the lock screen if I also have other notifications that were already there before.

I called Apple today; the man I spoke to said this is the first he is hearing of this issue and his recommendation was to factory reset my phone.... Not receiving any notifications at all from any apps.

I don't really want to do that since I know it is an IOS 11 issue. I've checked all their settings and tried rebooting, but it didn't work.

In addition to not making any sound, the text message doesn't even light up my phone display when I get it, but if I click on the Home button to turn on the screen, I can see the notification. Send a new text i Message from another device and voila!

This is a bit of problem, I depend on text messages quite a bit in my job and now I have no idea if I'm getting a text message unless I keep checking my phone. [Re-Titled by Host] Touch ID & Passcode, enter your passcode, then scroll down to:"ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED":"Recent Notifications" (I had this unticked)With this unticked, I get zero alerts when the phone is locked. , I get the notification pop up and sounds/vibrations. Some combination of enabling/disabling Bluetooth via Control Center kills the notifications/alerts.

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